OnePlus 5 Back Pictured, With Galaxy C7 Pro Style Antennae

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Missed the OnePlus 5? Well, we don’t have a concept of the device today for you, instead we get a render of the device, showing its back side with more clarity than ever. And lo and behold, it’s pretty familiar…

The source here is Slashleaks, a community where people post leaks and get ratings and points for them. This time we’re dealing with a handset that feels a lot like the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro, judging by the antenna lines at the back. They’re very slim and multiplied, compared to having a single antenna at the top and one at the bottom. Or one pushed to the top and bottom edge like the iPhone 7 or Meizu Pro 6.

Then there’s the ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe, that manages to perfectly hide the antennae, in spite of being made of metal. Anyway, the OnePlus 5 is coming next month, with a dual camera, Snapdragon 835 CPU and front side fingerprint scanner. Expect more leaks soon, especially once its measurements get out.

[via Slashleaks]

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