Microsoft Lumia Modular Phone Gets 35 mm Carl Zeiss Interchangeable Lens

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Somehow I managed to miss this concept dating from back in 2013 and offering a modular view on the Microsoft Lumia cameraphones. Desinger Leighton McDonald did a fine job and envisioned the core of the phone with an attachable lens.

Microsoft Lumia interchangeable lens 1

Sony tried the same thing a few years ago and we haven’t heard anything about that initiative since. This newcomer is certainly a Microsoft Lumia smartphone, one that can have attached a 35 mm Carl Zeiss interchangeable lens. The product uses the same 48 megapixel sensor that the Lumia 1020 employs and gets a special lens acessory to take advantage of all that firepower.

The bulky part on the side is the larger battery and memory capacity and on the sides we get a soft touch plastic grip. We’ve got manual focus lens here and a large display, with relatively narrow edges.The narrow and rounded format somehow brings me back to the Motorola Aura a bit, or maybe the Nokia L’amour devices. An excellent and sleek design!

Microsoft Lumia interchangeable lens 2

[via Coroflot ]

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