Nokia Lumia 910 Teaser by Jonas Daehnert

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Jonas Daehnert, the designer who created the beautiful Surface Phone is now back with a Nokia Lumia 910 teaser. This phone has remarkable finesse, a metallic case and an interesting choice of colours, that makes me think about autumn.

Also, the device is less rounded than previous Lumias and much thinner. Nokia Lumia 910 features a 4.3 inch screen without the black screen frame and it’s very, very thin at 6.8mm in waistline. The handset is very compact and its body is made of aluminum. Jonas didn’t detail other specs, since frankly they don’t matter. Windows Phone 8 Apollo runs on multicore CPUs and that’s all you need to know. Pureview is seen by the designer as a good technology, but one that makes the phone ugly.

As I said, the finesse of the phone is great and I like the bigger camera button, as opposed to the smaller camera key that we also saw on the Nokia Pureview 808 handset. I suppose the smartphone has a soft touch area at the bottom, with those Windows Phone keys, that are most likely touch only. So, do you dig this model?

[via Deviantart]

  • Superb!!! I love it!!!

  • stevew

    I would buy this phone!

  • Asher Pat

    I have a Lumia 800 Cyan, beautiful design (only died on me recently, need to get it on warranty), so I am not iFanboy, but I can already see the pro-Apple media types slipping in the customary “resembling Apple iPod nano second gen (or something), you see, Apple has invented everything, including the rectangle…

    But seriously, a nice design, I wud only (as always), suggest to decide WHERE the screen is positioned? As in ALL designs (except Apple), the screen is positioned as if it was splattered randomly on the vertical axis. It irritates the eye cos you cant decide, is it closer to the top or closer to the bottom, and if it is one way, then why, since it is very very close to the center. Why only Apple understands it?

  • Asher Pat

    Oh yes, and another suggestion – put the front camera in center, like (yes, I know), the iPod touch. I cant understand why no one can see that people like symmetry and looking centered rather than in profile…

  • Iop

    One detail: Nokialogo = Earspeaker! 😀