Nokia Lumia 999 is Pretty in Black and White

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Nokia Lumia 999 is the latest creation of a young designer that we really like, Jonas Daehnert. As you can see the handset adopts a black and white theme, with the design involving what looks like glossy black glass and gun metal grey. Overall this is the same premium feeling that you get from the black/white interface-based LG Prada 3.0 handset.

The phone’s lower area speakers are very discrete and round shaped. Inside the device they may be incorporated as some short of “pillars”, going through the entire side of the handset, with a longer, better and harder bass speaker system. One of my obsessions with Nokia concept phones is the buttons, that usually suck, even on the best looking devices. Now I’m surprised here by how nice the volume buttons, camera button and On/OFF button look.

The façade of the phone is slightly curved and the 4.5 inch (I speculate here) display slips straight into the rest of the case, without a clear bezel. The glass just fades away into the rest of the chassis, which is simply beautiful. I like how the Lumia series keeps changing while keeping the core design the same. Pretty nice, right?

[via Phone Designer and Deviantart]