Nokia Lumia Concept Would Look Great With Windows Phone 8

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If you’ve been following the tech news today, you probably know that Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 and some of its features today. There was no new phone to showcase, aside from a prototype or two. However, the same Deviantart user who created this beautiful Microsoft tablet, Alextc1, now brings us a very nice and glossy Nokia Lumia concept.

This looks like a much thinner Nokia Lumia 800/900 with a special area for the Windows Phone buttons below the screen. That area reminds me of the similar design feature on Nokia Lumia 710, although it’s more separated from the screen area here. With such a look, this phone is probably very thing, maybe at 7-8mm in thickness. It has a camera button, On/Off button and volume buttons, all on the same side. With all those capacitive button-based phones out there, it’s good to see that physical keys still exist.

Add Windows Phone 8 in the mix here, 64GB of storage, a 12 megapixel PureView camera, LTE, a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU and you’ve got the phone of the year right here! Would see this Nokia Windows Phone 8 concept turned real in stores this year?

[via Deviantart]

  • This would be a beautiful phone if it were to come to fruition,,the only bad part is that phone company’s like at&t sprint and even tmobile don’t push windows phones to their customers. Yesterday I went to all 3 major company’s and asked about windows phones and all I got was a blank look. At&t and sprint stores where I live don’t even cary any windows phones not the lumia 900 or the titan 2 and when I asked about them the retailers asked me WHY I wanted a windows phone and not an android phone. I was a little taken back because I asked for a specific product and they tried to sell me something I didn’t ask for. I think if windows wants to compete with android and iphone the retailers 1st need to carry the phones and have the knowledge to sell then not just push android down the customers throat.

  • aditya

    it has good looks but those buttons can be instead like that of Lumia 800/900…

  • rokib

    hope this will take no. 1 position among i phone5s/ samsung galaxy s3/ htc/or any other ph….