It’s Time for Nokia 8’s Video Introduction, Courtesy of Concept Creator

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After the Nokia 9, it’s time for the Nokia 8 to receive a render. It’s the render of Concept Creator and it sticks to the approach promoted by the latest leaks and renders. While the Nokia 9 felt a bit like a rectangular Galaxy S8, this model takes a different approach.

First, the camera area, the flash and fingerprint scanner are integrated in a module covered with glass. The format still involves a rectangle made of glass and metal. Unlike other concepts, there’s a Home button here, a physical one. Nokia 8 has a dual back camera and a very immersive screen, with minimal bezel. It’s a pretty slim machine, that feels like it uses a soft touch back, probably covered with plastic, not metal.

I know that the designer didn’t mention any specs, but from what I’ve heard the Nokia 8 will be an upper midrange affair. Some people confuse it with the Nokia 9 and expect a Snapdragon 835 CPU inside, but it will most likely have a Snapdragon 6xx CPU, or maybe the last gen Snapdragon 821/820. 4 or 6 GB of RAM should here, plus a big battery and Carl Zeiss camera.

Still not convinced regarding the back side texture… For those of you wondering, the concept was rendered using Maya, 3D Studio Max and Keyshot 5.

[via Concept Creator]

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