Oppo Showcases Tri-Fold Slide Phone Concept, Reinvents Clamshells

Oppo stays relevant again, even after Oppo X 2021 (the rollable phone), this time changing the game in the clamshell field. They just showcased a tri fold smartphone, which is supposed to become very compact and expand to a much larger diagonal.

At its core, Oppo Slide is a narrow and long phone when opened up, with 3 hinges in the mix. It has a very tall phone, or ultrawide in landscape mode. The rear cameras can be brought upfront as the hinge moves around. Oppo also showed a memo pad app, which lets you take notes with a stylus and then fold down the screen to save the note and start a new one. The gesture mimics the one of a real paper notepad. In landscape, the ultra wide device is able to display 3 apps at the same time, with the UI split in 3 squares.

Oppo claims that each screen section measures 40 mm, so the triple fold mechanism lets you view spaces of 40 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm. Folded up the device is as small as a credit card. It also remains rather slim in all of its iterations. This project was co-developed with Nendo, a design studio most likely. Just like the Galaxy Z Flip and Moto RAZR 5G, this device is able to unfold vertically. The body is segmented here and each fold enables you to trigger certain activities.

There’s the clock mode, selfie camera mode and full screen mode for gaming, movies and multitasking. If you unfold one hinge, you get a 40 mm screen, used for notifications, call lists and the music player., IF you unfold the second part you get a full 800 mm screen, which brings up the selfie camera. At 120 mm you have the full screen experience.

There’s also a concept for an interconnected set of devices, based on a pair of TWS headphones. If you place the device and its portable case onto an AI speaker, the audio is transferred to the speaker.

via Engadget

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