Samsung Galaxy F Phone Rendered by Phone Designer and It’s a Foldable of Course

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Remember when we had a teaser for a foldable phone a few days ago? It was made by Phone Designer and promised to deliver a proper concept imagining of the oft leaked Microsoft Surface Phone or the Galaxy X. Turns out it was actually the Samsung Galaxy F, exclusively rendered by Phone Designer for Dutch site

A pretty long while all the leaks concerning foldable phones showed us dual display machines, that would open up like a book. Lately we’ve been seeing more and more patents showing a different approach, one that involves a sort of clamshell device, that folds down the middle and promotes a more vertical orientation. Phone Designer delivers on that, with a special hinge in the mid section, but one that’s also discrete and manageable.

Jonas Daehnert has envisioned this device as a clamshell that doesn’t close totally, leaving a pretty big gap between the two surfaces. While some have called this device the Galaxy X, I would rather go with Galaxy F, as the latest rumors have shown. “F” is supposed to stand for foldable apparently, because the machine can fold in half. Samsung will also stretch the aspect ratio from the current 18.5:9 on the Galaxy S9+ to 21:9 in the case of the newcomer.

This means we will be able to pull off a converted resolution of 1440 x 3360 pixels, which is great for watching movies. In order for Samsung to achieve that pixel density, they would have to offer a 7.3 inch diagonal, which is huge for a phone. I don’t know how comfy such a long handset would be. It would be like wielding a Subway sandwich a bit. The opening that appears when the device is closed may remind you a bit of the Microsoft Surface Book laptop.

Also notice that the two sections don’t overlap totally, so the bottom part is always visible and serves as a secondary screen or a ticker to the display. The fingerprint scanner is placed at the back, but the designer claims it may also be integrated within the screen. A rumored price tag for this model is $1500, or even higher, so it’ll certainly be a limited edition and limited experience in general. Would you buy it? I’d wait for generation 2.0.

[via Phone Designer]

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