Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Gets Fresh Renders With Extra Small External Screen

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to debut on August 5th, during an Unpacked event taking place online only. It should debut with the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and today we catch a glimpse at the brand new design of the Galaxy Fold 2. It comes courtesy of Pigtou and Xleaks7 and seems to reveal a brand new external screen.

We also have a patent included here, the one that inspired this design. Turns out that unlike the previous rumors, we’re not about to get a bigger external screen, but rather a much smaller one. It’s actually a narrow strip of screen placed on the external part of the handset. The depiction also shows that there’s still a side placed fingerprint scanner and a brand new pink-beige hue for the foldable phone. It’s got a triple back camera, even though we were expecting a quad one and also a hinge that looks similar to the predecessor’s.

Sources also talk about a new 7.7 inch internal screen with a 2213 x 1689 resolution. It’ll have Ultra Thin Glass for protection and also support 120 Hz refresh rate. Both the external and internal screen will have punch holes for the selfie camera. The renders published by Pigtou are based on a new patent filing made by Samsung to the World Intellectual Parent Organization, so things will most likely end up looking like this. The strip screen is definitely not a good piece of news, since it makes it impossible or very hard to use the screen to take selfies or do actual work, media playback or tasks. You can just view notifications and that’s it.

The document from a regulatory filing reveals that the combined battery capacity of the Galaxy Fold reaches 4365 mAh, compared to the 4380 mAh of the predecessor. There’s still a good piece of news here: the bezels of the new screen will be much narrower (3.8 mm wide) and the ugly notch disappears. Some sources and leaks do mention the notch (including Pigtou), so nothing is set in stone. Expect a hefty price of around $2000 or maybe more and basically the same camera and CPU as the S20 or maybe Note 20.

via Phone Arena/ Pigtou

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