Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ Concept Has Huge Lenses, Stylish Colors

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While we’re still not very clear if the fall Samsung flagship is the Galaxy Note 20+ or Note 20 Ultra, we keep seeing renders of it. The latest comes from Waqar Khan and shows us a device with huge camera lenses at the back. The stylus is also there, plus we get brand new and stylish colors. There’s even a video of it below.

There has been a huge amount of leaks regarding the Galaxy Note 20 series lately and we’ve learned that the devices will come on August 5th, during an online Unpacked event. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra/ Note 20+ should have a huge 6.9 inch curved screen, while the Note 20 gets a flat one. We’ve also seen some cases for these devices, with huge camera cutouts, meaning that the Note 20+ will get a gigantic module, maybe even bigger than the S20 Ultra.

Back to the Waqar Khan concept phone, this device has a top and bottom that’s flat and also it’s showcased in black, gray, gold, light blue, purple, plus a nifty shade of green and white. Don’t forget the pink one for the feminine audience, or males not afraid to explore more exotic hues. It feels very odd to me that in spite of the numerous leaks we have yet to learn what’s new for the Samsung stylus and also what novelty comes in the camera department.

By the way, the huge back lenses feel a lot like the Oppo Reno 4 ones. I also feel that the camera protrudes less than the Galaxy S20 Ultra one. Also, the latest rumor mentions that the selfie camera could actually end up under the screen, in a surprise move.

via Waqar Khan/ Android Headlines

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