Samsung Galaxy Fold Gets an External BlackBerry Style Keyboard

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BlackBerry now seems like a distant memory of the past, a forgotten brand. The only thing propping it up may be the fact that it was once President Barack Obama’s favourite phone. Now designer Vladislav Neimark resurrects it a bit via a foldable phone concept.

He took the Samsung Galaxy Fold and added a BlackBerry keyboard to it, an external one too. Also, the designer increased the size of the external display and threw in a stylus. The main beef I have with this design is that you’re going to be resting that keyboard on your face when doing calls. Also, I see that the camera design at the back has changed, with the module being horizontally oriented, like on the Galaxy S series, not the vertical approach of the Note 10.

The S Pen integration is by no means new, since there were rumors talking about the Galaxy Fold series replacing the Galaxy Note one, stylus included. The Galaxy Note would be included in the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S series, as features related to productivity and stylus. Otherwise, the design of the Galaxy Fold remains unchanged, hinge caps and all. I think that if the designer really wants a keyboard he could resort to an attachable one like the Galaxy Notes had via cases a few years ago…

via Behance

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