Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Here’s How It Could Look + Specs

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Bob Freking has another design to show, the Galaxy Note 2, that’s pictured below. This concept involves a next generation Exynos chip, apparently and Bob also mentioned that this device will be introduced months after the Galaxy S III, so we’re in for a long wait. Getting one?

Seeing that the original Galaxy Note already has 5 million units sold, we’re dealing with a popular 5.3 inch device that deserves a successor. Said successor might be the Galaxy Note 2, that Bob sees as yet another 5.3 inch smartablet, with a Super AMOLED HD II screen, a 2GHz Samsung Exynos 5 dual core CPU, a case that’s 8mm thin and 2 GB of RAM. At the back we should find a 12 megapixel camera and look at the design I realize that this is actually an edge to edge handset.

32GB of storage, plus 64GB more via microSD are also added. I expect this baby to run Android 5.0 Jellybean without problems, but it might not be launched with it. Seeing that the Galaxy Note launched in the USA not so long ago, I’d give the first product time before launching a follow-up…

[Thanks Bob Freking]

  • John

    Most new flagship phones are 4.6-4.8″. I think the note really needs to fill the gap to a tablet. Instead of reducing the width the thinner bezels could allow for a bigger screen and the same width. I think the screen should be 5.7″ or even 6″.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say keep it 8MP, work on the lens (make it like the iphone f2.0 or better), reduce noise, and increase dynamic range. My DSLR is 8MP and trust me, it is not the megapixels that need improvement. Higher megapixels from here on out will only make the image quality worse.

  • i think it needs a better speaker

  • LordVader

    Galaxy Note 2
    must have spec –

    2GHz Quad core
    64GB of internal storage
    Android 5.0 Jellybean

  • Russell

    As a Note User this is what I think the Note 2 should improve on.

    1) Speed – 1.6 to 2 GHz is acceptable
    2) RAM – 2 or even 4Gb would be perfect – if we can fit 32Gb on a Micro SD card then reducing RAM memory chip sizes shouldn’t be too hard.
    3) The S-Pen left handed capability – I am a left hander and find the pen a little fiddly to write with and use as the output never seems to line up with where I press on the screen
    4) Android 4 or 5
    5) Samsungs own Apps need to work better – especially their software for allowing you to back up the phone – my phone turns off halfway through using their Keis software.

  • Russell

    oh yes.. A higher capacity battery would be nice and PLEASE move the damn power button to the top of the phone lol

  • john

    Things i would like to see.
    – Quad core 1.4 (cant see it being more than the SGS3)
    – Should be 1mm thinner
    – Better speakers
    – 64gb storage + 64gb micro sd.
    – better battery

    I cant see the following happening (but still hope)
    – Screen size to 5.7″ with thinner bezel.
    – more than 8mp camera
    – more than 1gb ram
    – Android 5.0 (the note is still waiting for 4.0!!!)

  • salem

    2ghz quad core
    1 ram or 2 ram
    2500 mah
    5.3 super amoled

  • Russell

    I’d like to see proper sterio speakers myself.

    I’d also like to see Samsung look into using that glass fibre that can hold an electrical charge – that way the whole phone could act as an additional battery.

    Doesn’t need to be bigger or thinner – I’d actually prefer it to be a tiny bit thicker and have them increase the battery power as said before.

    And why wouldn’t it be faster than the G. S3? The Note is supposed to be a phablet right?

    Agree with the memory – the more the better.. Maybe even allow for SDXC and rocket it up to the Terrabyte range.

  • Aitch

    We have MicroSD that go up to 128Gb in capacity so why do manufacturers not squeeze this much storage in to the products? And why do they seem to hold back on increasing RAM?

  • sparks

    I’m currently a note owner. here’s my note 2 expectation.
    2GHz quad core.
    2GB ram.
    SD xc support 512 GB
    12 mp cam with dual LED or xenon flash.
    stereo speakers (must )
    larger screens with thinner bezellarger screens with thinner bezel.

  • I want a specs for it to be
    2GB ram ddr3
    16MP/2MP camera
    1980×1080 21:9 aspect screen
    slimmer less bezel
    vertical stereo speakers
    hspa+42/ LTE

  • sparks

    PaceyPimps, how can be 21.9 aspect be possible in 1920 x 1080 res? that 16.9 aspect.
    I also want more s pen apps !

  • Tal

    With everyone having 4.7-4.8″ now, the Note2 will retain its size and get us 5.5-6″ of screen.
    Then with 2GB ram, 2gz dual-core cpu and 32gb storage it would be what we all wait for.

    I still think September is the time-frame. As HTC is launching their 5+” around that, and Samsung learned their lesson with the X vs. SIII.

  • Lance

    Precisely! Move the damn power button to the top. My Note keeps turning on by itself in my pocket. 🙁

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  • Sparks


    Yes, It also turns off when trying to use Volume.
    And don’t know why volume rockers these days are on left, pretty irritating for one handed use..

  • Bryan

    – at least 1,6 Ghz Quad-core Exynos
    – Higher f-ratio, wider lens. (3D capturing?)
    – Full HD recording 60fps
    – Edge to Edge screen 5,5 (3D?) SUPERAMOLED++.
    – 2GB RAM (should have been introduced with the – s3 imo)
    – 3500ah battery should do the trick.
    – Android JellyBean (on release)

  • Revision 2 last final specs for a true iphone 5 killer

    1.7 Ghz Quad-core Exynos – Higher f-ratio, wider lens. (3D capturing?) – 1080HD recording 60fps
    A more Edge to Edge screen w/ less bezel
    2GB RAM ddr3
    3500ah battery
    At least a 5″ screen w/ 21:9 aspect
    16MP back / 2MP front camera
    HSPA+42 & LTE & cdma quad-band world phone
    Vertical sterio speakers

    Whos with me that these are the perfect specs

  • Lord Vader

    Samsung should start a New trend
    custom config Smart phones 😉
    built your own baby 🙂

    5.0 or bigger Screen
    2.5 Quad-core(pushing it 😉 )
    2GB ram ddr3
    16MP/3MP camera(Front)
    1980×1080 21:9 aspect screen
    3500 mAh Battery
    Android JellyBean (on release)

    2012 4Q

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 feature:
    2GHz quad core.
    2GB ram ddr3.
    SD xc support 64 GB
    12/2 mp cam with dual LED or xenon flash.
    stereo speakers (must )
    larger screens with thinner bezellarger screens with thinner bezel.
    5.0 android (must).
    Edge to Edge screen 5.5″ 3D SUPERAMOLED.
    Sterio FM radio.
    3500mah bettery.
    1080HD recording 60fps.
    wifi and bluetooth 3.5.
    Must successfull this phone.

  • I think next galaxyvnote should be of the same size means 5.3inch.Because of it is more comfortable to fit in pocket.But camera should be 12megapixel,ppi more than 300,super amoled full hd display ,1.4ghz quadcore processor or s4 krait processor.2megapixel front camera with 720p hd video recording.wireless charging.32gb internal memory.

  • Longer lasting Battery and pen holding hole should be on top and not the bottom, and for that dude asking to put the power button on the top, dude just flip your phone.

  • Andy

    @russel….if u go in settings there’s an option … there u can choose whether u r lefty or righthanded….the device works accordingly…

  • Lord Vader

    If Motorola Razor Maxx can get a 3300mAh in it

    why cant Samsung get a 3500mAh battery in its phones ?
    Sadly they still have only 2500mAh in it 🙁

  • ranjit singh

    I cant see the following happening (but still hope)
    – Screen size to 6″ with thinner bezel.
    – more than 13mp/3mp camera 1980×1080
    – more than 2GB ram
    – Android 5.0
    why cant Samsung get a 4000mAH battery in its phones
    other all good
    phones week due to battery

  • ineed stereo speakers and push to talk

  • we need 2GHz and 2stereo speakers on top and bottom