Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge Envisioned With Smart Battery Placement

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Sunny Gandhi has sent us an email containing a fresh batch of renders of a model he calls the Galaxy Note 5 Edge. The handset is obviously the phablet that will follow the Galaxy Note Edge and probably be a derived version of the Galaxy Note 5. It’s still more likely that the real product will be called Galaxy Note Edge 2 in the end…

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge concept 1

Anyway, this device has exactly the format you’d expect: it’s made of metal, slim and uses dual curved edges, with a small slot on the side to fit the stylus within. The Home button isn’t very smartly rendered and feels added in a hurry. Also, I find the back camera placement a tad odd, with those two flashes so far away from the module.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge concept 2

I see the designer has also integrated dual front side speakers, while the bottom part is now reserved for a tray that lets you remove the battery. That’s probably the smart function of the concept Note 5 Edge. The designer also envisions a 4K screen in the mix and a longer than usual stylus. In theory this would all work, but in practice having the battery slide through a small door at the bottom is tricky.

The same designer also sent us the Galaxy Note 5 concept and the Galaxy S7 one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge concept 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge concept 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge concept 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge concept 6

[via Sunny Gandhi]

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