Samsung Galaxy Note II is a Quad Core Beast With 1080p AMOLED Display

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Well, since the first Galaxy Note was actually a bigger Galaxy S II, why wouldn’t the Samsung Galaxy Note II be a larger Galaxy S III? The new design you see here comes from Bob Freking, who I asked to imagine the next Galaxy Note and this is what came out.

We’ve got a smartablet with rounded edges, front camera, potent camera at the back, stylus and elongated Home button. It’s also a pretty wide device, so the diagonal may even increase. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a quad core Exynos 1.8 GHz processor, but it may also be that new ARM Cortex A15 chip they’re developing right now. An increase to 5.5 inches is also expected by Bob Freking, as well as a jump to 1080p HD AMOLED screen or maybe even a higher resolution.

Galaxy S III comes with the nature-based UX, so I guess the same idea would come here, but with a twist associated to the S Pen, or maybe the S Pen II. You know what would be extremely cool? If the stylus was also a headset, like on the ASUS PadFone, or even cooler: a thicker stylus with AAA batteries, that serves as pico projector. How do you like that?

[Thanks Bob Freking]