Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup of Concepts Include Both Lite and Triple Camera Plus Model

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Samsung Galaxy S10 is starting to leak more and more as the Galaxy Note 9 is basically already launched (we know so much about it). The future flagship must recover the distance from Samsung’s rivals, since the Galaxy S9 didn’t sell so well. Rumors say that we’ll get a series of 3 phones instead of the regular flagship and Plus model. Let’s meet the Galaxy S10 series.

Designer Waqar Khan is the creator of this concept and he envisions a Galaxy S10 Lite, a more affordable version for everyone, the core Galaxy S10 with a dual camera and a Galaxy S10 Plus with a triple camera. It also seems that we’re getting a side mounted fingerprint scanner, even though we expected one integrated within the display. Rumors talked about ultrasonic scanners for these devices, placed under the screen panel.

These 3 newcomers are very generous with screen to body ratio, that goes to 90% or even more. They cut a lot from the chin and forehead, as well as the sides. We see the handsets in black, coral and lilac, with glass backs and curved screen corners, as expected. This time the screens goes all the way to the bottom and shows a sort of dock of Android app shortcuts, available at all time.

The screen is also curved on the sides, as is the glass back panel of the device. I have to say I feel that this triplet mirrors the trio that Apple is preparing for this fall, including an iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus and the iPhone 9 with LCD screen. I’m sure that everybody will feel the same in case both series of devices become real. In spite of the bigger screen to body ratio, I still feel that the S10 models could be more innovative, than just being a smaller bezel S9.

[via Waqar Khan]

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