Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept Features Sleek and Elegant Design, Has Interesting Back Texture

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Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to be getting more and more concepts, as it approaches its rumored launch period. The device also got rendered today, courtesy of Edesign Buzz ( The phone seems to have an interesting back side texture.


Once again we get a Galaxy S8 here that opts for a Quad HD screen, although its maker mentions a potential 4K approach, just like the one from a few days ago. AMOLED remains the obvious choice of panel and the diagonal is said to be at around 5.1 inches. That makes the device a rare bird, since quite a few companies have gone up to 5.3 or 5.5 inch diagonals for flagships.


Android 7.1 on top of TouchWiz is the software of choice here, but in a more trimmed down version. Galaxy S7 already had a great camera, but it didn’t capture as many details as people wanted. The follow up may bring a higher res and new technologies, maybe even ones inspired by Apple’s Quad LED approach. Improved aperture may be here, as well as a better selfie cam.


A new Exynos 8895 CPU is also rumored, plus 4 or maybe 6 GB of RAM, as well as a Snapdragon 821 CPU version. One thing’s for sure: the battery problems won’t get repeated again and we’ll get a new type of battery. CES 2017 is speculated as the launch date. An USB Type C port and removed audio jack are almost dead certain. I somehow feel that this Galaxy S8 concept is made of metal, thus ditching the glass panel at the back.

Is it worth it?




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