Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept Has Crazy 95% Screen to Body Ratio, Snapdragon 845 CPU (Video)

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It’s interesting to me that more people are dreaming about the Galaxy S9, rather than the Galaxy Note 8 right now. It’s the classical case of loving the S8 and wondering “what can they possibly do better?”. Some say that the iPhone 8 may serve as their inspiration, but before that happens let’s see a concept of the Galaxy S9.

Techconfigurations has envisioned and rendered the device, as shown in the video below. First thing I noticed was the 95% screen to body ratio, which sounds crazy, even when compared to the Xiaomi Mi MIX. A Snapdragon 845 CPU is also mentioned and finally the dual camera makes the cut, with two 12 MP sensors. 6 or 8 GB of RAM are here and an 8 MP front cam.

The screen is a 5.8 inch 4K AMOLED Infinity Display, with the same aspect ratio as the S8, 18.5:9. The fingerprint scanner has been moved from the uncomfortable position of the S8, being integrated within the panel. The dual cam does 3D mapping and 3X optical zoom. There’s also wireless fast charging the same virtual buttons at the bottom part of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has a display that goes all the way to the bottom and the top “forehead” of the device has been drastically cut, with a very small selfie shooter and call speaker. Judging by the lateste iPhone 8 concepts, designers may as well integrated those below the glass.

[via Techconfigurations]

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