Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept Rendered by Metti Farhang

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We’ve already seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept, so it was only a matter of time till the Galaxy S9 came up. This just happened, courtesy of Metti Farhang, that rendered a pretty competent and high specced S9.

The resulting device is all glass, apparently and uses a dual camera, composed of a 16 MP sensor plus a secondary 12 MP one. There’s also a 6.2 inch 4K Super AMOLED display in the mix, 8 GB of RAM and a 3800 mAh battery The latest gen Exynos 7 nm CPU is here and the idea of Infinity Display is taken even further. The bezels gen even narrower and the glass expands to all the corners and edges possible.

It’s also true that the diagonal is a bit extreme here, suited better for a Galaxy S9 Plus rather than the regular model, but I can live with that. The dual camera integration is odd, not lining up with the one of the Galaxy Note 8, that has it at the center and horizontal. This time it’s vertical and to the side. We may finally see a fingerprint scanner embedded in the display on this model…

[via Metti Farhang]

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