Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot Android Smartphone Leaked or Photoshopped? You Decide!

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I really trust in the sharp eye of the people reading our site, so here it goes. I’ve just come across the supposed leaked images of a new Sony Ericsson smartphone from the Cyber-shot series. This handset is supposed to run Android and the blurry-cam shot below is as blurry as it gets.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t want this to be real, but it seems too good to be true. We’re dealing with a Sony Ericsson touchscreen handset with the Cyber-shot logo upfront. No images of the back of the device, so we can only dream of a¬† Xenon flash or better. Optical zoom is also on our wish list, together with a nifty Honeycomb-style camera menu.

What do you say? Fake or real?

[va Xperia Blog]