Sony Nexus X Leaks… Or Close to It!

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Here at Concept Phones we usually show you designs of phones or mockups, maybe even prototypes, but sometimes when a mystery handset leaks, we share our opinion on its authenticity. For example, what you see here is the Sony Nexus X, apparently, that was leaked on Picasa. We’ve been expecting a bunch of Nexus devices this year, but only LG made a move in that direction so far, as leaks already showed.

As you can see, the phone has a pretty special design, different from the classic Xperia look. The back is curved and the device seems quite bulky, although it could be just an optical illusion. At the back we have a camera with a pretty big lens and a LED flash, plus a lower side that looks as if it were made from a different material than the rest of the back. To me the shape of the Sony Nexus X back is very much like the one of the HTC 8X. Also, notice how the microUSB port is on the side and close to it we find pins for a potential docking mechanism.

The front side is pretty typical for a LG or Sony phone, but this time it includes virtual buttons and not capacitive ones. I’m calling this one a fake and a render/mockup. How about you? What do you think of this presumed Sony Google Nexus Phone?

[via GSMDome and Xperia Blog]