Xperia Flip Teaser Reveals a Good Idea

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Having the usual daily look at the Esato board, I’ve come across user Pavlov’s Dog’s design shown below. This is an Xperia flip phone with a twist. The flip QWERTY keyboard can be placed over the large touchscreen and then removed if you don’t need it. How cool and original is that?

The result is some sort of BlackBerry rival that also reminds me of an E Series Nokia, but it could be a brilliant smartphone. The only thing is that you’ll tend to break or loosen the hinge of the flip side, but I’m sure that some modifications can make this concept a real piece of work and maybe a real Sony Ericsson Xperia flip phone.

[via Esato]

  • Alan

    What if the keyboard had bluetooth and you could use it from distance?? But it is very thin and I don’t think it would work…

  • this is Sony Ericsson P910i ffs …

  • V

    It’s exactly like my p910 😀

  • i being a fan of se p-series & having used all se p-series phones, for this could b a rebirth of my dreams & come back of the se p-series. se p-series have always be the king of all smart-phones ever. if u consider this concept, jus remember to merge all the feaures from the se p-series & from the se experia not forgetting the following add-ons like mini powerpoint & mini-autocad view/edit applications, world map(in satelite view colour, 5X zoom in/out) with city & or location grid ref’ reading, compass, thermometer & barometer & finally fm (with enhanced features)& audio formats for atrac,mp3,aac wma etc. am sure this could a new real king in pda/smart phones.