Sony Playstation 5 First Look Introduction Concept Finalized (Video)

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I’ve been waiting on Concept Creator to deliver on his Playstation 5 concept as if I were waiting for a pay day. That render is finally here and you can check it out in all the splendor below. The device is rather glossy this time and feels a bit longer and less thick than you’d expect.

I estimate that the PS5 will arrive sometime in 2019, maybe even 2020. Concept Creator envisions it as a hefty machine, still very angular, but a bit glossier this time around. A very powerful chipset is inside, one meant for 4K gaming and streaming and somehow branded Sony Computer Entertainment. It’s a 16 thread chipset, with 2.6 GHz clock rate and 9.86 Tflops to offer.

The joystick seems pretty similar with the PS4 one, maybe a bit more arched and curved and with bigger buttons. The thumbsticks also seem bigger. There’s a dual tone color approach to the top side of the device, one seeming glossy and the other close to matte. Reverse compatibility with PS4 games is promised. Even though this is a very long machine, with curved corners, somehow it manages to sit upright without a problem.

It may be the fact that not all the corners are curved. The special strip of light, a PlayStation trademark is here too. Price this at $550 tops and we’ve got a winner.

[via Concept Creator]

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