The Google Nexus 2013 Phone by Bob Freking

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We’ve already posted a teaser of the next Galaxy Nexus phone, made by Bob Freking. There was also the Nexus 2 concept we had, that went viral. And now we’ve got this shade and Bob Freking asks you for clues and a guessing game on what this device is all about.

I’m guessing it’s a quad core device with Android Key Lime Pie or maybe Android L, who knows? It seems like a very slim device and the big shades on the side make me think about one volume button, but what about the other? Then I had a revelation: what if this is not a phone and its shadow, but a phone with a sliding part? And what if those things that look like volume buttons are in fact shoulder buttons? Could it be a Google Nexus Xperia Play 2?! Of course, this is just my speculation and the final device isn’t ready yet.

You can guess, speculate, throw ideas and generally talk about this mockup/idea in the Comments are below and on Facebook by clicking the picture above.

[Thanks Bob Freking]