Samsung Galaxy Note 21, Note 21 Ultra Already Rendered With Under Display Cameras

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While everybody is talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and its debut on August 5th, there are some people already dreaming of 2021 and the Note 21. One of them is prolific leakster Ice Universe, who revealed on Twitter his vision of the Galaxy Note 21. You can check it out below.

First of all, what you’re seeing here is both the Galaxy Note 21 and Galaxy Note 21 Ultra. The Note 21 has a flat screen with more highlighted bezels and the Note 21 Ultra has curved edges, with a very high screen to body ratio. We don’t have any notches, cutouts or punch holes here as the selfie cameras and sensors are hidden below the screen. It will be very interesting to see who makes such panels. Visionox is on top of the game right now, a Chinese company ready to deliver such panels to the likes of Oppo.

BOE Display is probably also making them and Samsung Display shouldn’t be that far behind. The main problem with having a camera under the screen is the optical part. The screen glass and the camera lens can’t be one and the same. The optical properties of the screen glass are way different than the camera ones. The picture will end up yellow, smudged, curved, if you only rely on the screen. That requires a fully transparent piece of glass to be be used within the display panel.

It could show normal images, parts of the UI, content and switch to showing nothing, as it lets the camera perform the capture through it. Other than that the devices shown here are the typical big diagonal phablets, with stylus in the mix. We definitely need new stylus features, bigger batteries, 5G, improved back cameras. I wouldn’t be surprised if the screen of the Note 20 Ultra went to 7 inches.

Source: Ice Universe

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